Q3 Training Class: 2015

“Move that Body” 

Download and Print the Written Version of the Class and Music:

Q3 2015 “Move that Body”– PDF form

Q3 2015 “Move that Body” – Word Doc

Download the Playlist: New Format #22- Q3 2015

The written version is broken into columns; Sequence Blocks (ex: Warm-Up), Postures (ex: Bridge Lifts)/Variations of Movement (LROM – large range of motion, SROM – small range of motion), Timing (how long the sequence block should last), and music (song that is playing during each section.)

The comment sections are filled with suggestions to keep a class moving smooth and also some modification options.


Study the Support Videos

Cueing Mantra:  Watch these videos to study the general breakdown of the cueing mantra of majority of the postures within the Training Class

Hands on Guidelines



[wpvideo oP9us9gs w=650]

Leg Work/Stretch

[wpvideo u7Y95qQo w=650]

Combo Work/Core Blast

[wpvideo NvIKFFAL w=650]

Seat Work/Stretch

[wpvideo RPtP1zOA w=650]

Core Work

[wpvideo v4G53dDL w=650]

Core Restore

[wpvideo oUJysJAq w=650]
  1. Megan Webb SAID:
    08/30/2015 |Reply

    At training do you prefer we start with a specific side in Seatwork? Candace starts with different legs end of Combo video and start of Seatwork video. I realize variety is key and in b3 classes we always start with different sides. Just curious in training if you care what side starts. Sorry for overthinking it! Thank you!

  2. Megan Webb SAID:
    08/27/2015 |Reply

    In the training videos, end of Combo and start of Seatwork, Candice starts with different legs. Do you care if we start with a specific side?

    Thank you! Super excited for traning!! 🙂

  3. Katie Z SAID:
    07/30/2015 |Reply

    Hi, I am in the training class for the August 21st weekend. I am unable to download the playlist to my iPhone. It will open in the Dropbox but can’t read the zip file. Help please! Thank you!

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