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Here are some pictures of our studio in the Pearl District:

photo - Lisa Warninger - 1

photo - Lisa Warninger - 3

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  1. Paula SAID:
    06/18/2014 |Reply

    If I wanted to open a studio in Boston, how do I find certified instructors to work for me? How and where would they have to get training to become certified?

    1. barre3 REPLIED:
      06/24/2014 |Reply

      Hi Paula, you can find out more information here:

  2. kaaryn SAID:
    08/27/2012 |Reply

    I would like to become certified through Your Issaquah Highlands Studio.

    Thank You, Kaaryn Frew

    1. lisaschale REPLIED:
      09/13/2012 |Reply

      Hi Kaaryn,

      Thanks for your interest in teaching! Reach out to the studio owners, Anna and Heather, and they can give you information on how to become an instructor.

  3. JessieJane SAID:
    06/19/2012 |Reply

    We currently own a fitness facility but would love to have Barre 3 Classes available to our clientele. Is there any possibility of doing this?

    1. chrislincoln123 REPLIED:
      06/19/2012 |Reply

      Thank you for your interest but we don’t currently license the class to existing gyms and studios. We Franchise to stand-alone barre3 studios only. We’ll let you know if this strategy changes in the future!

  4. Courtney SAID:
    10/20/2011 |Reply

    Is there an instructor training course offerred specifically for Barre3? I’m currently certified in yoga and pilates.

    1. lisaschale REPLIED:
      10/21/2011 |Reply

      Hi Courtney! Thanks for your question. Currently, we only offer training for in studio instruction only. Are you near one of our studios? If so, let me know and I can put you in touch with the studio owner.

      There are many opportunities to grow with us. If you go to and click on franchising for more information.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  5. Dura Young SAID:
    04/29/2011 |Reply

    Does your DVD cover the same class that you teach in your studio? I live in CA and am very interested in trying out your technique.

    Dura Young.

  6. M. Marie SAID:
    03/08/2011 |Reply

    I would like to know what is the heaviest weights that can be used during Barre3?

  7. DL Bigbee SAID:
    07/29/2010 |Reply

    Do you offer classes for older adults?
    Can I come and watch a class?
    Which class do you recommend I watch on a Tuesday?

  8. maury jackson SAID:
    07/17/2010 |Reply

    Hello!! I am a yoga and pilates teacher. Do you offer certifications in this method?

  9. Kristen Kingsbury SAID:
    12/12/2009 |Reply

    I love this place! I just recently had surgery and look forward to returning to classes to regain my strength. There is no other regime I have found that gives me such a well rounded workout in just an hour. Thanks! Kristen

  10. marie SAID:
    10/25/2009 |Reply

    Good day,

    I was wondering if you have any classes in NY?

    1. chrislincoln123 REPLIED:
      10/25/2009 |Reply

      We do not currently but are growing the locations through our Licensing program and might in the future.

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