Instructor Tools: Musicality

It’s all about the barre3 beats.

In every barre3 class, we use certain rhythms within our ranges of motions.  These beats allow our clients to never plateau and find new ways to connect even deeper to their body.

SROM beats:

  • pulse
  • Down an inch, up an inch
  • 2 count


  • “to the beat”
  • 2 count
  • 4 count


Below are drills to take your musicality to the next level.

Find the 1:  This Drill will help you locate the 1 of the 8 count.  When you can find the 1, you will also find the downbeat, and land your movement on the musical phrase change.

[wpvideo diKS1nlS w=650]


Down Beat vs. Up Beat:  When we move in class, the action of the movement should always match the down beat.

[wpvideo 7tduWyV2 w=650]


Punch, Drive, and Pause: Here are three simple ways to embody the beat more within your movement to inspire and energize your class.

[wpvideo OzUWthE5 w=650]


Musical Phrase Self Assessment Test:  Put your musicality to the test!

[wpvideo 8pXEWzf8 w=650]



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