barre3 Thanksgiving Week Canned Food Drive

Give generously.

One of our guiding principles at barre3 is “Give Generously.” For me, Thanksgiving celebrates this principle more than any other holiday. There are no expectations of fancy gifts or extravagant parties. Just simple, thoughtful time with those I care for including my community. This year we are collecting canned food in all of our studios nationwide. In exchange for bringing in a few cans of food, we are offering complimentary classes. This is a simple way to give back and connect with us.

You can also join us for a festive class on Thanksgiving morning. These are my absolute favorite classes to teach and take. My local barre3 studio is part of my extended family and I know all my franchisees and many of our clients feel the same way. We are truly blessed. If you can’t fit that in, do a quick barre3 online workout while stirring your risotto! And, if you opt for this, please think of my Mom and I sipping our bubbly doing a few barre3 moves of our own! Cheers to you and your family.

Warm holiday wishes to all of you!

Sadie Lincoln

4 years of barre3 and my big 4-0!

This is a big month for me as I celebrate two big milestones.

THE BIG 4-0! Anyone else born in 1972? Happy 40th to you, too! I am celebrating this month with a lot of quality time with my kids and dear friends. I have a ton to be thankful for, and the barre3 community is at the very top of my list.

barre3 TURNS 4! Four years ago, and after 20 years of teaching (half my life!), I launched my dream job and opened my first barre3 studio.

So, I’ve had some time to reflect on this growing older deal, what I’ve learned, and how it applies to this company I am building. Keeping on the theme, here are 4 lessons that shape who I am these days.

#1 Surround yourself with BRIGHT people.

Bright has two meanings for me: intellectual and positive. Both these attributes describe so many of the people who make barre3 successful, including my core team, who teach me every day how to be smarter and how to bring positive energy to everything I do.


This quote is one of my guiding principles, both personally and professionally. Whether you are one of my clients, a team member, my friend or family, I remind myself each day to really understand you first before communicating what I am about. My whole company is based on this one quote. We constantly seek to understand our clients and our team members. And we remind ourselves that we do not know it all, and we never will. We find teachers and mentors outside of our company who challenge us to continually evolve our workouts to serve a balanced body and life. I have to say, this isn’t an easy way to grow a company. But, it is our way, and I am proud of it!

#3 “It’s the sand in the oyster that makes the pearl.”  

Having disruption in your life and body can create beauty and balance. That’s how our bodies evolve and get stronger without plateauing. Those shakes you get at the barre are a sign of your muscles breaking down and failing. When they recover, you will be stronger. It also applies to less favorable disruption. For me, having a back injury has taught me so much. It certainly can be disruptive, frustrating and painful. But the beauty is in what I learned from it. I learned to empathize with those in pain. I learned to honor my truth and be present. I learned that I needed to create a workout that empowers all of us, injured or not, young and old.

#4 Age is just a number. Enough said!

Happy 4 barre3 community.




Sadie’s Invigorating Summer Workout. Try it!

Chris and I went on a 45 minute trail run in the Poconos. He snapped this picture of me finishing our workout with the first 10 minutes of our barre3 Standing Slim workout. I used this stone wall as my barre. That drink next to me is not a beer in case you are wondering! It’s an ice cold lime seltzer. I highly recommend this entire combination for an invigorating summer workout. Enjoy.

barre3 Shape Up for Summer Challenge

Are you worried you can’t make time for four classes a week for four weeks? Guess, what? So am I! It isn’t easy but I know we can do it.

Here are three tips that work:

#1 Work out first thing in the morning. It feels so good to check the “I worked out” box (see tip #3) by 7am!

#2 Pinky promise with your friend that you will do this together! You can also friend me here for a virtual pinky promise and I will make it my personal mission to get you to the finish line!

#3 Create a chart with four rows of four. Each time you do a barre3 workout draw a huge star in it.

Be sure to sign up in your local studio so you have a whole team to cheer you on. If you don’t have a studio, subscribe to our online workouts. It’s only $15/month and you can cancel anytime!

One month to get fit quick. Let’s do this!


Spotlight: Andrea Mason, barre3 OKC + Edmond Studio Owner

Proudest Moment: My first day as a woman business owner for barre3
Biggest Challenge: Giving birth to my 9 lb. 15oz. son
Perfect Day: Sitting on the couch with a great book, a cup of tea and a roaring fire
Power Song: “Shake it out” by Florence + the Machine
My Motto: “The more, the merrier”
IndulgenceSea salt chocolate
I’m Dreaming of: Cabo!
My hero: Sadie Lincoln
My go-to Blog:
Obsessed with: Lip gloss
My best family vacation: Sunriver, OR but I’m hoping our upcoming trip with the kids to Israel will be!
I do barre3 so I can… learn and be inspired by my instructors
My morning drink of choice: Kombucha #7 or green tea
Favorite barre3 move: Waterski to chair and warrior III
I own barre3 because… I want to make a change
My current fitness goal is: Run a half marathon
The signature barre3 posture I am known for teaching is: Sumo
One word to sum up my studio culture is: Invigorating

3 Characteristics of Great Teachers

Anyone who knows me knows I am at my best when I am teaching. I am a passionate educator and I have built my entire company around a love of both teaching and learning. But I do not only look within my company walls to learn. I surround myself with great educators of all disciplines and walks of life. Here are 3 characteristics these great teachers all have in common:

1.) Open minded. “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” – Steven R. Covey
This is one of my all time favorite quotes. Great teachers teach because they love learning and not just because they love being an expert. They recognize that they are not all-knowing.

2.) Personal. My favorite teachers are ones who really see me for who I am and how I learn. They make the lesson personal, approachable, and meaningful. I will never forget being in a yoga class when the teacher recited all 15+ of our names during seated meditation. Hearing my name amongst the others was a clear indicator that this teacher really cared about each of us and our personal journey to health and well-being.

3.) Magnetic. Teachers who love what they do and exude this energy, automatically draw students in. Just ask my son. He is in Kindergarten and has bloomed this year. He is a passionate and engaged learner largely because he is basking in the light of a very magnetic teacher. I often choose barre3 instructor-trainees based on their love for barre3 and how they express their dedication to helping others versus their technical skills. I think a good teacher is 10% technical and 90% energy.

So here’s to all the many open minded, personal, and magnetic teachers out there. I heart you!

Teachers, contact your studio to come in and enjoy 60 minutes for you. You will be in good company I promise!

Interview with Lisa Schale-Drake, barre3 Corporate Master Trainer and Soon-to-be-Mom

I am so fortunate to be able witness some of my key team members become moms for the first time. I recently interviewed Lisa Schale-Drake who runs my instructor training program and stars in our latest release, a 30 minute pre-natal workout. Read on to find out what makes Lisa a “fierce” mom-to-be of twins.

Q: First off congrats on being pregnant with TWINS!  You are an amazing multitasker so I have a feeling you will be equally amazing with a babe in each arm.   Speaking of… are there any barre3 postures that will help you hold them better?
A: So many! I love any posture that works the back body. I love Incline Chair because it works my biceps and strengthens the entire back line of my body. I have a feeling I will need some strong biceps to pick up two car carriers. They are surprisingly heavy!
Q:  At least your arms will be equally buff with two carriers! What is the most surprising thing about being pregnant and exercising?
A: It amazes me how quickly the body adjusts and changes. I looked back at a picture of me from just a few weeks ago and I am shocked by how much I have grown! However,  I am also shocked by how little I feel pain in my body. I really do believe that working out and listening to my body has been key.

Lisa Schale-Drake leading a 30-minute pre-natal workout on

Q: What is the most challenging part of doing barre3 while pregnant?
A: Breathing!  My soon to be girl loves to push on my ribcage, so I always feel short of breath.

Q: Have you noticed any shifts in how you approach fitness and specifically barre3 now that you are expecting twins?
A: Most definitely! I have noticed that going slower and taking more breaks is key.  I am trying to listen and honor my body and modify if it doesn’t feel right.  There are many postures that I miss doing, but I know that it is for the best for my babies and me.

Q: Listening to your  body is a real gift. Pregnant or not, we can all learn from this! I like that you mentioned modifying. I’ve noticed even you slowing down.  Can you speak more about this?
A: The reality is that I am working out for three! Once I decided to stop trying to be turbo and instead decided to slow down, I was able to connect to the needs of my body much easier.  Now I can come to class and still get my shakes on during leg and seat, but find a sense of ease and release during core. It is a great balance.

Q: I’m glad you are finding balance. This is my big goal for moms at barre3! Can you explain in your words how barre3 supports moms-to-be?
A: The community is so supportive and inviting. I have had so many clients who are moms giving me great advice on baby products. The instructors always take such good care of me. And, I can’t wait to show off my twins in the childcare area.

barre3 Instructor, Darcy Harding (left)  joined a full class to celebrate Lisa’s send off before having her twins.

Q: Someone on Facebook recently commented on your new pre-natal workout and called you “officially the fiercest mom I know.”  I found this definition for fierce: showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. I couldn’t agree more with this description of you and I look forward to hearing from all the other fierce moms-to-be after doing your workout!
A: Love that!  I hope I live up to my new title once the twins are born.

Q: Any other comments or advice you would like to share to all of our moms-to-be?
A: Just enjoy this special time and honor your body. And, occasionally enjoy a bowl of ice cream 🙂

Moms in Charge

barre3 franchise partners, Heather Kass (left) and Anna McEvers at barre3 Bellevue Studio.

At barre3 we celebrate Moms in a big way. This month in honor of Mothers Day we have a bunch planned including tributes, tips, giveaways, and workouts designed for all moms and moms-to-be. I began my passion for yoga watching my mom practice in her bedroom when I was five years old. A few years later I was equally inspired watching her bravely create the Eugene Weekly  (during a recession in the 80’s) right in our living room. I drew pictures to fill up ad space for the first issues! 35 years later I have created my own company around imprinting a healthy and balanced lifestyle for my children and the generations after. I am not alone! There are many “Moms in Charge” who are re-shaping how we define work/home balance and being healthy hands-on parents. Here are two of them, Anna McEvers and Heather Kass, who own three barre3 studios in the Seattle area. A good read for all mompreneurs!

Celebrating Earth Day

My best memories of holidays are ones that I authentically celebrate in a spontaneous way. For me, Earth Day is one of them. In our barre3 studios we are giving away free classes for those who ditch the car and walk, bike, or take public transportation.  At home I plan to celebrate the day by simply getting outside with the kids. Chris and I recently stumbled upon a perfect family hike at the Columbia Gorge. It’s a 2 mile  loop that kept the kids entertained and all of us energized. The high point was walking under the waterfall.

Drew enjoyed taking pictures at Latourell Falls in the Columbia Gorge

Enjoy your day celebrating this amazing planet we live on!

A Day in the Life: Fitting barre3 in

One of our barre3 online workouts subscribers, Amy, sent in her story and shared that she breaks up our barre3 home workouts into shorter workouts throughout the day. Like me she happens to be a busy business owner and mother of two children. She suggested that I create workouts that can be broken up or taken all at once. Well, she asked and I delivered!

I just launched a 60 Minute Lunch Hour Body Blast workout designed so you can do it easily right at your desk.  I also posted it as six 10 minute workouts you can do throughout your day like Amy and I do!   Here’s a look into my typical busy day and how I creatively keep fit!

6:30AM: Wake up too late to take a 1.5/hr yoga class I promise myself I would do the night before. Opt for the 10 Minute Mindful Core and Stretch to ease into my day.

7:00AM – 8:30: Wake the kids and get everyone ready for the day. Shower, breakfast, last minute homework and off to school.

8:30AM – 9:30: Answer emails, schedule meetings.

9:30AM – 9:40: Do a quick 10 minute Power Stretch to get energized and focused. I can do this in my street clothes!

10:00AM – 11:30: Work session with my Corporate Master Trainer, Lisa, to go over instructor training curriculum and revisions to our manual.

11:30AM – 11:40AM: After sitting for an hour and a half I am ready for Back Body Focus to strengthen and open my body the other way. A perfect complement to a seated work session.

11:45AM – 1:00 PM: Chris (husband and business partner) and Amy, our business development director and I  meet with prospective franchise partners. Always a high point in my week!

1:00PM – 3:00PM: Weekly meeting with my team: Caroline, Lisa, Amy, Jenni, Kiki, Kait and Chris.

2:10 – 2:20PM: Manage to squeeze in a quick 10 Minute Arms and Core combo with mybarre3 producer, Kait, right at our conference table during a break!

Doing core work at barre3 Home Office.

3:00PM – 4:00PM: Work on a presentation for a conference I am presenting at.

4:00PM – 4:30PM: Pick up kids from Spanish class, give them a snack.

4:30PM- 4:45PM: Manage to tackle 10 minute Leg Shaker workout in kitchen (with kids trying to follow along – always a good time!).

5:00 – 6:00: With legs still shaking from above, I hand off kids to husband and race out for impromptu Happy Hour. Sometimes letting go with good friends and a glass of wine is the best “yoga” out there in my opinion!

6:15PM – 8:30PM: Dinner with family, pick-up, homework, bath, stories, bed.

8:30PM – 9:30PM: Answer emails, FB, Pinterest (my new obsession).  I have good intentions to also squeeze in Strong Core and Healthy Spine but I let it go.

9:30PM – 10:30PM: Hang out with husband, sip chamomile tea, and watch a favorite show.  Mad Men or AI? Such a toss up!

10:45: Set my alarm to take Candace’s killer 6AM barre3 class tomorrow…determined this time to make it.  NOTHING beats studio classes.