Spotlight on barre3 Co-founder Chris Lincoln


Clients are always asking us if barre3 is for men. The answer is yes! Just ask Sadie’s husband and business partner Chris Lincoln. As our studios gear up to host the annual “Man Up to the Barre” event, we think it’s the perfect time to connect with barre3’s leading man. Read on to get to know Chris, in his own words.Blog_HeartBreaker

I oversee many of barre3’s business functions, from franchise expansion and support to real estate, the construction process, finance, and legal matters. The best part of my job is the diversity of my roles and responsibilities—no two days are really the same.

Before founding barre3, Sadie and I were executives at 24 Hour Fitness. During my time there, it dawned on me that I could merge two of my passions: business and helping people. That’s when I realized that it’s possible to have a successful career that serves others. I love that my work helps people get into good shape and feel amazing.

Barre3 is extremely humbling, which is a good thing for men. A lot of guys take exercise to the extreme and go hard all the time, which causes imbalances in the body and can lead to injuries. Barre3 is an effective way to build strength while you’re still being kind to the body. A lot of men need that. Even if a guy takes class once a week, they’ll become more aware of moving with intention, and they’ll reduce their risk for injury.

My advice to men who are coming to barre3 for the first time is to check your ego at the door. Expect to shake and sweat. You may not look as graceful as some of the other women in class. You may not be able to hold postures like plank for as long as they can either. That’s ok. You’re carrying more weight than them. Don’t push yourself to go crazy hard.

No matter what your gender, I think it’s important to listen to your body and give it what it needs through exercise and nutrition. My favorite barre3 recipe is the Slow Cooker Moroccan Stew. I love the cinnamon—it’s the key ingredient that makes it a little bit sweet. Even our kids love it!

When it comes to parenting, I really believe that leading by example is key. If kids see you exercising, eating healthfully, managing stress and finding work-life balance, they will learn to do the same.  It’s so important to take care of ourselves so that we can give to others, especially family. That’s what barre3 is all about.

  1. Nice to see and read about the other half of Barre3. It’s great to know Chris participates in the workouts. The closest studio to me is the Columbia, SC, an hour away. I have a 60 minute DVD and the online workouts to do at home. If we ever consider opening a studio, good to have a face to the Barre3 man!
    Question…any workouts for long trips in the car? I do the belly rolls driving and as a passenger. Thanks

    • Hi Karen, here are some moves for in-and-out of the car on your road trip:

      In Car:
      Neck stretches
      Ankle rolls
      Side body stretches
      Bicep curls
      Knuckle presses up
      Core breath- sit tall and focus on your inhale and exhales as you pull your waistline in.
      Shoulder/Chest Openers

      Car Breaks:
      Crescent Lunge to counter all the sitting you are doing
      Forward folds to open the back of the legs
      Sumo Squats to boost energy and wake up the glutes/legs/core
      Star fish to open the side body, wake the core, and focus your mind on balance.

      Safe travels!

  2. This guy is the real deal! Awesome advice Chris, we are hosting our Man up to the Barre class this Friday and we wish you could be here for it!!

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