7 Day Body Blast Tips from Kendall Carriere

Whenever my team and I are looking to boost our energy levels and hit the reset button, we turn to the 7 Day Body Blast. Have you tried it yet? It’s really easy to follow and truly achievable (I promise you won’t be spending all your time in the kitchen!).* You’ll be amazed at how satisfying it is to balance your plate with fat, fiber, and protein, and you’ll love the results you get from fueling your body with nutritious smoothies, hearty salads, and protein-packed soups.* There’s no calorie counting and no deprivation (the barre3 bar will satisfy your sweet cravings).* The best part about the program? You can do it anytime through your subscription to online workouts.

Barre3 New Orleans studio owner Kendall Carriere recently completed the 7 Day Body Blast (she does it a few times a year), and I asked her to share her tips for success with us. Read on to learn about her experience, and get ready to be inspired!

Setting Goals: Before I start my week of clean eating and moving all day, I set an intention (this last time around, I focused on kicking my sweet tooth). I ask myself a few questions like “Why am I doing this? Why is it important? What am I hoping to get out of it?” Remembering my goals for the week helps me stay stay committed on days (or moments!) when I feel like bagging it.*

Tips: Connect with others! Do the Body Blast with a friend, and supplement workouts at your local studio to stay accountable. The support from a workout buddy plus the strength of your barre3 community will keep you motivated so that you finish the week strong.*

Workout Recap: It wasn’t hard to move all day—I’ve been doing that since I opened barre3 New Orleans. Monday through Friday, I take and teach classes in studio. I also do two to three online workouts per week. While I definitely push myself harder in studio, I love online workouts because they keep me moving all day. Plus, they eliminate excuses. Even on the craziest day ever, I can still fit in a 10- or 30-minute workout.*

My Biggest Challenge: Every day after lunch, I crave sugar. It was tough to overcome sugar addiction. Thank goodness the natural sugars in the smoothie are very gratifying. Oftentimes, I drank sweeter smoothies for snacks.*

Favorite Smoothie: I loved the Berry Bliss and the P.B. + J. smoothies so much I’ve continued to make them every morning since the Body Blast ended. My family and clients at the studio tell me their favorite is the Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie. It’s too hard to pick just one.*

Go-to Salad: Hands down, the DIY Salad. I had one every day for lunch, and I enjoyed having the freedom to experiment with different veggie and protein toppings. Also, the Cilantro Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing is sooo flavorful and tasty. It’s my salad dressing of choice when I have friends over for dinner.*

Favorite Soups:  I was surprised by how little time I spent preparing meals. I didn’t feel like I had to go to the grocery store every day to stay on task (huge win!). I kept things easy by eating a lot of leftovers during the week. I highly recommend the Lemon Lentil Soup and the Slow Cooker Moroccan Stew. Both were satisfying and delicious.*

Results:  At the end of the week, I felt lighter and energized. I was sleeping more deeply and I felt a sense of accomplishment. I could also tell that I was leaner and stronger. My favorite part about the Body Blast is how short it is—I can do anything for 7 days!*

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*results may vary

    • Hi Anne, you can definitely switch them around! Our programs are designed to be flexible so you can fit them in your day.

    • Hi Holly!

      Before you go out to dinner, scope out a few restaurant menus online. Go somewhere that you know will have healthy options or somewhere that you know could accommodate your needs. You could even call ahead and ask questions to better understand your options. When you’re already at the restaurant, focus on balancing your plate with fat, fiber, and protein, and order something simple and delicious. It’s much easier to ask the chef to tweak a grilled salmon or chicken salad recipe to fit the 7-Day Body Blast than it is to make changes to a meatball sub. If you need some tips on where to go that’s healthy in town and you have a local studio nearby, reach out to your studio owner and ask. We hope this helps!

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