Love Your Lower Body Success Story: Meet Jenn Longbine


Last summer, we tested our Love Your Lower Body program on 27 women. The editorial team at Prevention Magazine told us that only 10 women would complete the entire 8-week challenge. Well, not only did all 27 women complete the program, but all of them lost weight and inches and reported feeling happier and more energized.*

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Jenn Longbine, one of our standout members from the test panel. She lost 13.6 pounds and 9.5 inches, but that’s not even the best part of her transformation. Jenn’s healthier habits became preferences, and she decided to continue eating whole foods and exercising regularly—not just for eight weeks, but for the rest of her life.* (Now that’s what I call an “off-the-scale” success!) Read on to learn about Jenn’s experience in her own words.

I fell in love with fitness following the 8-week Love Your Lower Body program.* Barre3 feels so good on my body—it’s hard to believe that I could experience such incredible results physically without suffering through painful workouts.*

Doing workouts ten minutes at a time was a game changer for me. As a busy mom with a career, I had a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t make time for exercise.* By doing 10-minute workouts throughout the day, I discovered how doable this program is. Whether it’s at my desk or on the playground, I can always find 10 minutes to boost my energy level and bust out some barre3 moves.*

I’m so used to being self-conscious of my arms that I almost didn’t realize when I wasn’t anymore. I wore tank tops all summer and fall after LYLB. I stopped having to tilt my head a certain way in pictures to hide my double chin. I slept better. I gained so much stamina and energy.* I actually felt in shape for the first time since college.* My husband asked me if he could write Sadie a thank you note. When I asked him why he just motioned to my tush and said, “Have you seen that thing?”

Since participating in the Love Your Lower Body program, I’ve also gained body wisdom.* I’ve started to listen to what my body wants in terms of food, sleep, and movement.* Barre3 is a lifestyle that is actually sustainable. I’ve learned so much. I feel so incredible. I’m never going back.*

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*results may vary

  1. Words cannot do justice to the profound change I’ve felt and the peace I have gained in just having the tools that work for me. Thank you, Sadie and my whole barre3 family! See you in studio soon!

  2. Jenn, You are an inspiration to us all–no matter how long or little we have practiced barre3. Congratulations to you–job amazingly done!

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