Studio Owner Spotlight: Katie Schrier + John Thomas

I can’t wait for spring, and not just because of the warmer weather—it’s when Katie Schrier and John Thomas will be opening barre3 in Atlanta’s South Buckhead area!  These two are some of the most caring, kind, and passionate people I’ve ever met—and like many of my team, they started out as clients.

Katie fell in love with barre3 at our flagship studio in Portland. When she and John moved to DC, John became a regular client at barre3 Georgetown, and Katie became an instructor. Now, years later, they’re opening their very own studio and enjoying every minute of it.

If you live near Atlanta – South Buckhead, I’m excited for you and more than a little jealous. That’s because these two will infuse you with positive energy that lasts well beyond the time you spend at the barre. I recently sat down with them for a chat—here’s what they had to say about their relationship with each other and barre3:

Katie: I met John in 1997 when I was a barista at a coffee shop. I had a super big crush on him and started buying him Vanilla Drip Coffees. He gave me his pager number. Eventually, we made plans to go to the movies for our first date. We started talking, and we missed the movie! We were instant best friends, and it’s been that way ever since.

Katie: My love for barre3 started at my first-ever class with Sadie in Portland. My background in fitness is in Pilates and running, and barre3 was different than anything else I’d ever done. I felt like I was working out with friends.

John: I became a devoted client at the Georgetown studio after Kate and I moved to DC. I’m a big runner, and I love to cycle outdoors. Barre3 has helped me to do the other things I love better (I no longer run hunched over!). Barre3 has also increased my strength and endurance.

Katie: When John’s job took him to DC, before I even started looking for an apartment I did a Google search to see where the nearest barre3 was located. I was beyond thrilled when I found out that barre3 Georgetown was opening soon!

Katie: Barre3 Georgetown became my family and transformed both of our lives. That’s when we realized that we needed to open a studio and share this accessible, healthy lifestyle with other people. We started scoping out different cities, and Atlanta – Buckhead turned out to be the perfect place for a new studio.

John: At barre3 Georgetown, I noticed the transformation that takes place during a class. People arrive to the studio stressed and rattled, but by the end of the class everyone feels great. They’re all smiling. Katie and I decided to open our own studio because we want to provide that for other people.

John: Having our own studio is really a dream job and since we enjoy spending time together so much, it’s perfect for our lifestyle. We run and do barre3 together, and love exploring the local farmer’s market to shop for our meals. There’s nothing that makes me happier than cooking at home while Katie’s doing an online workout.

Katie: I’ll be honest and say that I suffer from a sweet tooth. The nourish part of barre3 has been huge for me. I used to think “Oh I run, I can eat whatever I want.” Not true! Barre3 is still enhancing my life in new ways.

John: Katie and I are so grateful that we have the ability to boost someone’s mood and bring people closer together. Knowing this motivates us to work harder and be good at what we do.

Would you like to own a barre3 studio? Learn about how you can turn your passion for barre3 into your dream job here.

  1. Katie….outstanding, kind and gorgeous teacher. Patient and great at editing the classes as needed for each particular student. You’ll be inspired just by seeing her perfect physique.

  2. Wonderful story- best of luck to both you!! You are both very inspiring!! Hope to visit one day!! Best, Chris – Barre3 Austin

  3. The first time I took one of Katie’s classes at Georgetown, I chose a spot right next to John. He was the only man in the room and I had no clue he was her husband! Her energy, passion and inner beauty were evident from the moment she introduced herself. Her smile made the booty-kicking workout she gave (some of the toughest EVER!) seem possible. Before I knew it, I was attending Katie’s classes regularly not only for the workout but for the mood boost! She and the other fantastic instructors at Georgetown inspired me to become a barre3 instructor. I still try to think of Katie-isms to share with my own classes. A favorite: Be like a tree. Stand tall and proud. Go out on a limb. Remember your roots. Drink lots of water.

    I wish Katie and John the best of luck! And I can’t wait to get down to their new studio!

  4. These two are not only adorable, they are inspirational. Their smiles and warmth are going to knock Atlanta’s socks off. I am wishing I was a southern girl right about now.

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