Day in the Life of barre3 Superstar Robyn Downs

If you’re looking for Robyn Downs, you’ll find her nearly every day taking class in the same spot at the barre by the window. (We joke that she deserves an honorary plaque with her name on it.) Her mother is usually right there next to her shaking and quaking away — they’re quite the duo.

Robyn doesn’t just motivate our community here in Oregon, she inspires thousands worldwide in their journey towards whole-body health. Her message is simple and best shared in her own words: “If I can do it, anyone can. Before I found barre3, I was starting to accept that I’d just be heavy. I was so successful in every other part of my life. I had a great job, a loving husband, a healthy daughter, wonderful friends and family. But it frustrated me that I couldn’t figure out how to take care of myself.”*

Since September of 2012, Robyn has lost over 50 pounds, and she feels as amazing as she looks. Now, she’s on a mission to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Read on to get a glimpse into Robyn’s life—you’ll definitely want to adopt some of her uber-healthy habits.*

6:30 – 8am: Wake up and make smoothies for me, my husband, and 2-year-old daughter Elle. (Our favorite is the Leafy Smoothie.) Morning smoothies are our reset button. No matter what happened the day before, we start the day strong with healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Somedays my toddler doesn’t eat much, so I’m grateful she enjoys her smoothies.

8:15am: Take a cup of tea to go and drive Elle to day care.

8:45-9:45am: Take class at barre3 Portland. I drink a bottle of water during class to stay hydrated and energized.

9:45-10am: I never rush out of the studio. These 15 minutes are my social time for the day. I chat with instructors, catch up with other clients, and check in with my barre3 friends on Facebook. I also take that time to share a recent blog post or recipe from the barre3 website.

10am – 1pm: Time for emails and calls at work. I’m the VP of Business Development for EdImagine Strategy Group, an education consulting firm. Whenever I’m on the phone, I walk around my office or do some standing leg or back-body exercises. I love that I can stay moving without getting out of breath. Throughout the morning, I have my second cup of tea and drink my second bottle of water.

1pm – 1:30: Eat lunch. Each day I make a DIY Salad or DIY Bowl. If I’m really hungry, I’ll do both. I never deprive myself. During lunch, I take time to sit and enjoy my food mindfully. I avoid eating in front of my computer.

3- 3:15pm: Time for an online or app workout! I get really tired in the afternoon, and I crave sugar. Instead of reaching for the cookie jar or taking a nap, I do a 10-minute workout. I have an alarm on my phone, and I schedule my workout into my calendar to remind me to get up and move. Adding in a short workout has been a really effective way for me to re-energize and curb my sugar craving. My colleagues used to think I was strange for doing mini afternoon workouts, but recently several of them started doing it with me!

4pm-4:30: Snack time! I usually have an apple and almonds or veggies and hummus.

4:30 -5:45pm: I walk two miles roundtrip to pick up Elle from Day Care. She comes back to the office with me and plays while I finish up a few emails.

6pm: Elle and I arrive home.

6-6:45pm: One of the highlights of my day is cooking dinner with Elle. She loves helping (and tasting!). Elle has eaten the barre3 way her whole life. She won’t eat junk food (ok, she LOVES french fries). Overall, she actually prefers whole foods.

6:45-7:15pm: My husband and I give Elle a bath, read her a bedtime story, and she falls asleep by 7:15pm.

7:30-8:30pm: While I finish up any work for the day, Andrew squeezes in his workout. My husband has been fit his whole life, but he’s become even more serious about his workouts since I’ve become more serious about mine. Exercise has become a non-negotiable for both of us, and we help each other take better care of ourselves. It’s been so great for our marriage!

8:30-9:00pm: Facebook time! I check in with my sisters and girlfriends to see how their barre3 online workout went that day. My family and friends have seen the amazing results that I’ve had practicing barre3, so they all do it now too.

9:-9:30pm: I aim to get one more 10-minute workout in while watching TV laying on the floor. It’s too much to do anything more at this time of day!

9:30-10pm: Get ready for bed and read. It’s important to me to unplug from technology and wind down to maximize the quality of sleep I get.

10:30pm: Lights out!

*results may vary

  1. I love how you go about your day and especially the afternoon 10 minute workout! I may need to try this, because I have a slump right about the same time that you do! I do have to admit, and please know that my heart is in the right place when I say this….my heart broke when you mentioned taking your sweet girl to daycare at 8:15am and she doesn’t get home till 6pm, then, she is off to bed by 7:15 pm. (I know this was not the idea of your message, but it hit me immediately…..please forgive me if I shouldn’t have said anything). I am a new empty nester and I long for that time back w/my kids….and so will you, I promise. I know you both walk home together(love that!), but if you think about it, that is only about an hour in the evenings that you spend with her. Our kids are such a blessing and I promise, you will wake up overnight and she will be all grown and gone…it happens so fast and we don’t get any of that time back w/them. Our bodies and health are very important, but being a mommy and spending time w/our kids(we can exercise and cook nutritious meals with them) is even more important…..our kids are a “gift”. I am sure you will delete this, and I do understand, but like I said, my heart just broke for your little girl, and forgive me if I sound terrible for saying something….I truly didn’t know how to “word” it. I can tell you are a good mommy, probably an incredible mommy at that, I felt led to say something and I am sorry if I shouldn’t have. I have daughters about your age, so maybe it’s the mom in me just wishing I could have those days back that you have right before you at the moment. Treasure them….they last only a short time. May you and your sweet daughter be super blessed!

  2. Robyn is definitely a barre3 superstar and one of my favorite people to see at barre3. (Of course, there are many other wonderful people I love to see at barre3 – it’s part of what keeps me coming back.) You’re an inspiration, Robyn!

  3. Robyn-I love your “little things”…scheduling the online workout at work; doing another workout while watching TV (even though you took a morning class); not rushing out of the studio after class. It is these little details that add up to make the big difference. Thank you for such inspiration!

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