A Day in the Life of Superstar Annie Eeds

For a definition of “glow,” you could check out the dictionary, or better yet, check out Annie Eeds. Not only does she glow from the inside out, she inspires us all to embrace whole-body health through her own dramatic transformation.*

Even though she’s lost 80 pounds since she started as a client at barre3, she isn’t fixated on a number on the scale. Instead, Annie coined the term “off-the-scale victories” to describe the successes that are most important to her. (It’s a term we’ve since adopted and embraced.) Some of Annie’s biggest victories include no longer being at risk for diabetes, having energy to climb the stairs, the ability to balance in Warrior III better than she ever thought possible, and inspiring her husband to take better care of himself.*

Annie is so successful because she understands that being healthy isn’t just about the time she spends working out in studio and online.* She focuses on self care all day long, and she inspires my team and I to do the same through her commitment and positive energy.* She was kind enough to share her daily routine with us; read on to peek inside a day in the life of Annie Eeds.*

6am: Wake Up

6:10am: Start a 10 minute workout. My go-to this early is Standing Energy Blast: Legs, Glutes, + Core because it doesn’t require anything besides my dresser and my glasses!

7-7:15am: Quick Breakfast. My favorite quick breakfast is the “Glass Half Full” Detox Smoothie, especially because I can prep it the night before.

8:00am: Arrive at school to teach my students—I’m a special education teacher at an elementary school.

12:00-1pm: Lunch! I always have leftovers & a salad. To save time, I prep my salads four at a time on Sundays so that they’re ready to go each morning. I also squeeze in some quick exercise on my lunch break. During the winter I do a workout on the barre3 App. In the spring and fall I walk a lap outside on the track.

3:30pm: Say goodbye to the kids and head to barre3 Vancouver for class.

4:15 – 5:15pm: This is my favorite time to take class. It’s always packed which gives me so much energy, but it lets me get home in enough time to cook and have dinner with my husband.

5:15-5:30pm: After class, I connect with the instructor and other clients. The face time I get in studio after class helps me stay on track and motivated. I also use this time to plug into Facebook and Instagram to share my workout and see how my other friends’ workouts went that day. I’m a member of a few closed fitness focused Facebook groups, and I love supporting others to help them reach their fitness goals.

5:45-7pm: Prepare dinner. If my husband is home from work, he helps me cook too. Our favorite go-to during the week is the DIY Salad or DIY Bowl because they’re so easy. We always make big batches of the meat and chopped veggies for leftovers during the week.

7:00-7:30pm: Dinner time. I love this part of the day because it gives us a chance to sit down and connect over a healthy, balanced meal.

8:00-8:45pm: Epsom salt baths are another highlight of my day. I take one each evening as part of my bedtime ritual. Baths help me to relax and calm down before bed.

8:45-10pm: Reading in bed, then sleep!

*results may vary

  1. What a wonderful story! I love how you focus on how you feel and what you can do instead of just looking at the scale. Thanks for re-focusing me, Annie!

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Annie last July and I’m so inspired by her! Her motivation and determination to live a healthy, happy life keeps me going and pushes me to try new and better things. Great article!!

  3. Non-scale victories! Love the phrase. So many more things to celebrate like putting on my sexy jeans, running longer without noticing, and sleeping better! True story 😉 Annie, I am with you girl.

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