barre3 Formula for Success: Whole-Body Health Ecosystem

It’s not just about the time you spend working out that counts, all 24 hours impact your long-term well-being. Achieving a balanced body requires a balanced approach. We call it the barre3 Formula for Success, and it’s comprised of three important elements: exercise, nourishment, and connection. Together, these three components work in harmony to help you thrive both physically and mentally. Read on to learn about each element and the essential role it plays for whole-body health.


Whether you practice barre3 in-studio, in your living room, or at a park bench, you always get a balanced, total-body workout.* Every workout includes an isometric hold, small one-inch movements, and low-impact, dynamic moves that involve a larger range of motion. This signature three-step sequence is designed—and proven— to burn fat, build muscle and break plateaus.


A regular barre3 practice combined with the barre3 Nutrition Philosophy seriously boosts your results.* All recipes feature whole foods and are designed to help you lose weight, clear your mind, and stabilize your blood sugar for all-day energy (They’re also crazy delicious!).* You’ll learn about the barre3 Portion Prescription, which focuses on balancing your plate with protein, fiber and healthy fats. And you’ll realize that it’s not about what you have to take out of your diet; it’s about all the good stuff you get to put in.*


When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, you’ve got a built-in fan club. Barre3 studio owners and instructors are powerful allies in your journey towards whole-body health. You’ll also find an incredibly supportive online community at Feel free to share victories, reach out for encouragement, and give shout-outs to other participants as they work towards their own goals. You don’t have to go it alone, because we’re all in this together!

Your Weekly Whole-Body Health Prescription

3 60 minute barre3 classes

2 10-60 minute online workouts

Try 2 new barre3 recipes

We designed this prescription to be flexible, practical, and above all, sustainable. Several of the online workouts can be done without any props, and the recipes are a snap to prepare. With a little pre-planning, you’ll find that this program can fit easily into your week—and may very likely become the best part of your day.*

*results may vary

  1. I love Barre3. I have been to several studio classes, but distance and cost have made it difficult to go more than two or three times a month. I signed up for the 1-year online subscription during the Cyber Monday sale, and today is my first day! I love working out but I do find the distractions of home to be an obstacle. However my love for the program makes me really want to succeed at this!

  2. I have recently subscribed to the barre3 online workouts, after purchasing the barre3 workouts from QVC. I am 50, and while I have always had a regular workout routine, I was looking for something different. I am hooked on barre3! I know I will be doing barre3 for a very long time. This is a workout that is enjoyable, fun, low impact, and best of all it works!

  3. I had been lacking the motivation to get started on a regular fitness routine after gaining ten pounds in a short couple of months. I used to be a runner, but in the dead of winter could never make it to the gym. After my first week at Barre 3 in Raleigh, I was hooked! I have been going three times a week for a little over a month and am already getting my strength back and noticing my body changing. It feels especially good because I feel like I really earned it. That hour will kick your butt! I leave class feeling more confident in myself each time. I love my instructors and the support they lend! I truly believe this is what I needed to get back into the groove of healthy living!

  4. I purchased the online subscription a week ago and am easing into these workouts (to prevent injury.) They really are fun, and I always feel so encouraged by the instructors. I’m sort of a sloth, so I have been doing the 10 minute workouts so that I finish every workout and don’t feel like a quitter. But sometimes I do three or four in a row. The short workouts are helping me fight the head game I’ve honed for years! I am already noticing that I’m really aware of my posture, even when I’m walking to the grocery store, or sitting at the computer. I think Barre3 is going to be a great fit for my life.

  5. I just started my own 28 day challange day 2! I’m ready to work out eat right and stay fit. It’s hard when your always in a hurry but I’m ready to get focused.

  6. I am going to try this. I really need to get into shape and we are trying to conceive so I want to be healthy.

    I just got my DVD collection and need to start tonight.

  7. I bought the dvd’s for Barre3. I have been doing this for 2 weeks and absolutely LOVE it. I just turned 50 in december, and this is so perfect for me. I am only 5′ 2″ and have tried so many things to shape my body. I can already feel the strength and results in my body. I actually feel taller and stronger already. I am excited to see my results after a month. It is something I know I will always enjoy.

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