Kristin McGee’s Tips for Radiant Summer Skin


I met celebrity yoga and Pilates expert Kristin McGee a few years ago in New York, and our connection was instant. She is a knowledgeable and passionate teacher who is beautiful on the inside and out. Today, she’s here as a guest blogger to share her favorite tips for glowing summer skin. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your go-tos with us!


Here are a few of my skin-care tips to live by:

-Wear sunscreen every day. My favorite is Juice Beauty for all-natural moisturizers and sunscreens.

-Reapply sunscreen throughout the day, or carry a Colorescience Sunforgettable mineral powder brush with you in your purse. I love this powder brush! It’s perfect over makeup, and it gives the skin a natural glow. It is an investment, but it lasts a long time.

-Invest in a great wide-brimmed hat that’s cute and fun to wear.

-Drink a ton of water. You can flavor it with lemon, lime, strawberries, raspberries,

cucumbers, etc., and leave a pitcher in your fridge to drink from throughout the day.

-Get your 8 hours of sleep. Even though the sun stays out longer in the summer, it’s still important to get your beauty rest.

-Move every day. Yoga, walking, cycling, tennis, barre3 workouts, Pilates, hikes, and swimming are all great for your skin and your spirit. If you only have a few minutes and you want to do something fantastic for your skin, try a standing forward bend. We keep our skin young by turning upside down in forward hangs and inversions, which brings blood flow to our face.

Standing Forward Bend:

Stand with your feet together, and hinge forward from your waist. Let your head hang heavy and engage your leg muscles and lower abdominals. If your hamstrings are super tight, bend your knees and keep the weight forward in your arches; or put your hands on a yoga block. Try standing in a forward hang for 2 to 3 minutes twice a day.

  1. I love that she uses & recommends Colorscience sunforgetable brushes!
    I am a facialist in Edmond, Ok. & carry Colorscience. It’s a necessity!

  2. I just looked up the Juice Beauty product mentioned. It sounds great, and it’s got a low toxicity rating from the EWG Skin Deep Report, sweet! I will be checking this out, thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Colorscience mineral brush w/ SPF is the bomb! Even better, you can find it locally at another fabulous, women owned businesses, my friend and aesthetcian Julene Renee’s company SKIN. Thanks for the reminder Sadie, I need to stock up on some more for summer!

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