Join the barre3 Basics Workshop

Join the barre3 Basics Workshop

Am I doing carousel horse right? How do I personalize this pose for my body? We’ll answer all those questions and more at our new barre3 Basics Workshop. Whether you’re new to barre3 or looking to take your practice deeper, this two-hour intensive will teach you the principals of proper alignment and help you connect with your body more than ever before.

During the workshop, your studio owner will break down our most common postures and show you a full range of modifications so that you can make them your own. You’ll come away from the experience with a deeper understanding of our postures and how barre3 can offer you long-term results.

To sign up for a barre3 Basics Workshop, check with your local studio for schedule and pricing information. We’re keeping the class sizes small so we can give you plenty of individual attention, so be sure to register soon.

As you’ve probably heard us say before, you are your own best teacher. This workshop is a great way to put that idea into action by learning to be a better teacher to yourself every time you’re at the studio. Hope to see you there!

barre3 in the Park Summer Recap 2015

barre3 in the Park Summer Recap 2015

This summer, many of our studios have been putting the concept of barre3 Anywhere into action by hosting mega classes in the park. Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite photos, as well as a first-hand account from the studio owners. Read on, and you’ll quickly understand why this is our most popular event of the year.


barre3 in the Park Portland

For me, the park classes symbolize that we’re all about taking care of people beyond our studio walls. Coming together and building relationships is just as healthy as working out, and boy did we work out! 950 members from our incredible community came together to celebrate barre3’s 7th anniversary. —Sadie Lincoln, barre3 Founder

barre3 in the Park Tulsa

Photo by Abby Tohline

This park class was the celebration of our studio’s first year. I had to fight back tears looking out to our amazing Tulsa community from the stage. Seeing all of us moving together as one was a sight I won’t soon forget. —Brenda Oakes, barre3 Tulsa owner

barre3 in the Park Mobile

We had such a wonderful mix of regular clients and people who were there to try their first class. The energy was just infectious! —Robin Little, barre3 Mobile owner

barre3 in the Park West Village

The best part was seeing people come together to capitalize on the energy of the city, the park, and then one another. Plus the random person working out in suit and tie or official power skirt was both rad and inspiring. —Cait Branca, barre3 West Village studio manager

barre3 in the Park OKC

Our park class was epic! We had nearly 175 people, and it was so much fun to connect with clients from outside the studio. It’s truly invigorating to take class outside and introduce barre3 to people who have never experienced it before.

—Andrea Mason, barre3 OKC owner

barre3 in the Park Felida

For me, the best part was welcoming about 50 new clients to experience barre3 for the first time in the park. We were throwing love off the stage like confetti and the good vibes were contagious. When the sun broke out during closing breaths, I admit I got a little choked up. It’s pretty amazing to see so many people choosing health and happiness in one place. —Amy Grabenkort, barre3 Felida owner

barre3 in the Park St. Louis

It’s been two months since our event and I still get chills reflecting back on the power of the morning. We had an amazing turnout of nearly 200 new and familiar barre3 faces. The energy was electrifying and the barre3 community is anxiously awaiting our next event. So am I! —Melissa Stolze, barre3 St. Louis – Des Peres owner

barre3 in the Park North Scottsdale

It was so surreal to see that many people together in one place sharing barre3 together. A flood of emotions washed over me, from grateful to humbled to just pure joy. I’m in love with our barre3 tribe and coming together for this event was pretty incredible. —Karie Johnson, barre3 Scottsdale owner

barre3 in the Park Eugene and Corvallis

*Note:Studio owners Jessica Neely and Robin Jones teamed up to create one class for the Eugene and Corvallis communities. Here’s their recap:

We had our combined park class on the last day of the barre3 Anywhere Challenge, so it was really special to celebrate that achievement and reflect on our individual barre3 journeys. Being able to do all that with Sadie and her family made it all the more memorable. I was so happy that she drove from Portland to Corvallis to come. We are truly one big family and nothing is more special than sharing an event like this one! —Robin Jones, barre3 Corvallis owner

Holding a large, outdoor class at Tyee Vineyard for the Eugene and Corvallis studios was a dream come true in so many ways. The camaraderie between the staff and our clients is magical. It was amazing to hear clients share their barre3 Challenge stories with each other and with Sadie—barre3’ers seem to all be cut from the same beautiful cloth. —Jessica Neely, barre3 Eugene owner

barre3 in the Park Bellingham

As I looked out on the crowd (we had over 130 people), I was so moved. Being a part of this amazing community in our town has been such a privilege. I loved seeing both familiar and new faces in the crowd. —Caitlin Walker, barre3 Bellingham owner

barre3 in the Park Frisco

Mother Nature was pretty fickle that day, which led to some technical difficulties and last-minute scrambling. But my amazing team stayed focused, I stayed calm and centered, and my husband got the audio working with two minutes to spare. We truly embraced the mantras, ‘find the ease within the effort’ and ‘make it your own.’ As a result, the day turned out perfectly. —Tammy Hischke, barre3 Frisco owner

barre3  in the Park Camas

The energy of taking a barre3 class outside is simply infectious. Bottle up the feeling of community, the physical challenge, and the opportunity to take barre3 outdoors on a bright summer morning, and it’s a pretty powerful combination. I look forward to it every year!—Carrie Caldroney, barre3 Vancouver-Camas owner

The fun isn’t over yet—there are still park classes going strong through October. Check out our list here to find out if barre3 in the Park will be happening near you!

barre3 Book Club: All The Light We Cannot See

barre3 Book Club: All The Light We Cannot See

Every once in a while you read a book that reaches you on such a deep level that you want to tell absolutely everyone about it. For us right now, that book is All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.

The story takes place during World War II and follows two main characters: Marie-Laure, a blind young French girl who has fled Paris with her father to the walled city of St. Malo; and Werner Pfennig, a German orphan whose self-taught knack for fixing radios lands him a spot in an elite—and ruthless—Nazi training school.

While Marie-Laure and Werner’s experiences seem like they couldn’t be more opposite, Doerr brilliantly creates a common thread by focusing not on their loyalties to their countries but on who they are as human beings. For completely different reasons, both characters are lost, searching for answers, and trying desperately to survive. Marie-Laure’s blindness serves as a symbol for how the French must have felt during the war—always looking for clues, listening for hidden meanings, feeling slightly distrustful of anyone unknown—while Werner’s life as an orphan symbolizes the loneliness and conflictedness many of the German soldiers must have felt as they fought for a leader they neither knew nor understood.

Doerr spent about 10 years writing this book, which is easy to believe when you consider the remarkable amount of research that went into it. But unlike some historically based fiction, which can feel heavy and pedantic, All the Light is an absolute page-turner. Doerr’s characters are so wonderfully developed and his prose so lyrically beautiful that you race through the book. And his insights into what war does to people—bringing out both the best and the worst, strengthening some relationships and shattering others, provoking some to fight back when they know it’s futile while others follow quietly when they know it’s wrong—are so universal that anyone can relate to them on some level.

It’s impossible to rave enough about this book. It’s profound, touching, thought-provoking, devastating, and beautiful, and it’s one of the best, most honest depictions of the human condition we’ve ever read.

Have you read it? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

Your DIY Guide to Mason-Jar Meals

Your DIY Guide to Mason-Jar Meals

DIY masonjar meals are incredibly healthy, delicious, and fun to prep. Plus they’re easy to grab on the go. We recently teamed up with registered dieticians and Zest Nutrition founders Anna Rossinoff and Megan Fuetterer to create a DIY masonjar meal guide. All you need is a wide-mouthed jar with a tight-fitting lid. Are you ready to get started? Read on to learn how to create your own signature masonjar meal:

Layer 1: Fill the bottom of your jar with a homemade dressing of your choice.

We like recipes that combine healthy fats like those found in olive oil, tahini, or blended avocado with flavor-boosting ingredients like spices and fresh herbs. Anna and Megan inspired our favorite recipe of late: a mediterranean vinaigrette. To make it, combine 6 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, 1 finely chopped garlic clove, 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh dill, and 1 teaspoon salt, and whisk to combine. Portion: ¼ cup (you’ll have leftover dressing)

Layer 2: Add lean protein options like grass-fed meats, wild fish, beans, and legumes. The Zest Nutrition team love to use grilled chicken breast, salmon, and chickpeas in their mason-jar meals. These proteins are very satisfying, and they’re sturdy enough that they don’t get soggy when placed on top of the dressing inside the jar. Portion: ½ cup (or 4 ounces)

Layer 3: Toss some gluten-free whole grains into the mix.

You can use any whole grain you like in this layer, but we prefer gluten-free grains like quinoa, brown rice, and soba noodles. (Make sure the soba noodles you buy don’t contain any wheat if you’re sensitive or allergic to gluten.) Not eating grains right now? Double up on leafy greens to make the meal fit your own dietary needs. Portion: 1/3 cup cooked grains

Layer 4: Load up your jar with bright and colorful seasonal veggies.

Sturdy vegetables like bell peppers, corn kernels, cucumber, carrots, fennel, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes are great picks for these meals because they hold up well when packed ahead of time and provide lots of flavor and texture. Pick three of your favorites, then thinly slice them or roughly chop them and add them to your jar. Portion: ½ cup

Layer 5: Go green.

We love our leafy greens at barre3, so we always fill our mason jars with baby kale, arugula, or spinach. Portion: ½ cup (or fill to the brim)

Layer 6: Add a flavor boost.

If you want to give your masonjar meal a final flavor boost, add a garnish to the top. Fresh herbs like cilantro or basil are always a hit, as are crunchy pumpkin seeds or salty olives. Portion: 1 tablespoon

How will you make your masonjar meal your own? Share your ideas and inspiration in the comments below.

Studio Owner Spotlight: Mindy Sofro

Studio Owner Spotlight: Mindy Sofro

Mindy Sofro is calm, grounded, and has a killer sense of humor. She also happens to be Sadie Lincoln’s best friend. Today, Mindy shares her strategy for staying grounded and explains how a chance meeting with Sadie in 7th grade led to a fulfilling career as the studio owner for barre3 Santa Barbara. Get to know Mindy in her own words:


Way back in 7th grade, I met a girl in math class who would go on to be one of my best friends. She was warm and funny and so genuine—her name was Sadie Lincoln.

I guess you could say I came to barre3 earlier than most. I was in Portland in 2008 for a visit just before the first studio opened, and Sadie guided me through my very first barre3 class. Wow, I thought, this is so challenging and fun at the same time! When I saw firsthand the high-level buzz that was building in the air, I knew barre3 was going to be special.

I’ve always loved the way barre3 felt on my body but it really resonated with me in 2011 when I had three surgeries in nine months. During the recovery time, I had zero upper body strength and couldn’t hold a plank for more than two seconds. I needed to move and exercise, but everything I was used to doing felt too harsh on my body. So I started religiously doing barre3 online workouts, which was perfect for me because I could modify as needed. I started gaining strength and confidence quickly.

The idea to open a studio here in Santa Barbara had been simmering since 2010. I had visited the Portland studios a few times and knew that the warm, welcoming, community feel in Sadie’s studios would translate here. We needed barre3! After being a stay-at-home mom for years, I knew that if I were to dive back into the working world it would have to be something super special. Barre3 offered the perfect balance of family and career, so I decided to take the leap. I’m so glad I did.

Of course, any new business venture is going to be a little stressful. I’ve found that by coming to class, I can get centered and that carries over into the rest of my day. So many of the concepts we teach in class are applicable to life outside the studio. I’m realizing that more and more all the time.

Fueling up with healthy whole foods is more important to me now than ever before, and our barre3 recipes help me make smart choices every day. My go-to is the Perfect Green Smoothie, which I’ve made my own by leaving out the maple syrup and adding cinnamon and fresh ginger. I also love the Lemon Lentil soup—it is so fresh and tasty!  I make a big batch and I have a quick and easy meal on the go throughout the week.

Lately, my favorite thing to do is take class right alongside clients. Not only do I get that awesome barre3 workout (my legs still shake in Power Leg), I also get to connect with this incredible community. People tell me after class that they are waking up with more energy, that their jeans are fitting better, that they feel more grounded and present, and that they are enjoying their workouts more than ever before. Knowing that I’m helping people live healthier and happier lives is what motivates me.

When I’m teaching, I choose to focus on what we at barre3 call “off-scale victories” instead of weight loss. While there’s no doubt about the body-slimming results that we see from a regular barre3 practice, I’d rather highlight increased energy, injury prevention, improved posture, and a strong balanced body. I think my clients appreciate this fresh take on fitness, and I’m proud to deliver the message.

It’s been a long journey from that 7th grade math class where I first met Sadie, and I can tell you that she’s exactly the same person today that she was back then—so real and welcoming. She’s stayed true to herself, and I think that’s been a large part of barre3’s success. I’m so proud to be part of the barre3 journey. It allows me to show my kids that it’s okay to be a mom and have a wonderful family life and also have a career. I can’t think of a better combo.

Are you interested in owning a barre3 studio? Learn more here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Giveaway Plus An Interview with Beauty Guru January Olds

Giveaway Plus An Interview with Beauty Guru January Olds

We met entrepreneur January Olds in NYC, and we’ve been slightly obsessed with her skin care line ever since. January worked at premier skin companies around the world, but wasn’t 100% satisfied with their products. After years of research and development, she decided to create her own line of all-natural skin care, and January Labs was born.

We could rave all day about her products (her “Glow and Go” mask is a game changer!) but we’d rather you experience them for yourself. That’s why we’re giving away January’s Complete Skin Essentials Kit to one lucky member of the barre3 community. To enter, just comment below and tell us how you define beauty. We’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, August 18th. Learn more about the kit here (valued at $265!).  

Now, meet January. We recently chatted with her about her killer products, her approach to health, and her favorite tips for radiant skin. Read on and get to know the woman behind the brand.

barre3: What motivated you to start your own line of skin care products?

January: I’ve always loved everything beauty-related. Even as a child I was mixing concoctions and experimenting on my own troubled skin. This passion led me to work for two major skincare lines. I learned a lot, but what stuck out most was that the skincare world was missing something—pure ingredients.

It also seemed like all the serums, creams and lotions I was using worked against each other and not for one another. When I was treating my breakouts I was causing premature aging and when I was using anti-aging products I was encouraging hyperpigmentation. I wanted to create something with clean ingredients that had synergy with one another. That was when January Labs was born.

b3: So many skin care lines say they are “all natural.” We know to be wary of these types of labels at the grocery store. Do we need to be wary of beauty products labeled the same way?

January: The “all natural” tagline is so overused. There are certainly ingredients that are important to stay away from: Parabens, sulfates, fragrances, synthetic colors and as scary as it is… formaldehyde is found in many skincare products. Many of these ingredients have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, and even cancer.

I use a lot of active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, beta glucan and peptides in my products. These are safe, beneficial ingredients that you can feel good about putting on your skin.  

b3: Do beauty products have a shelf life? Should we be tossing out products we haven’t used up after a certain period of time?

January: Because my products are active, it’s best to use the creams within six months after opening. The cleanser, tonic and mask last a bit longer (hence the larger sizes).

I am always wary of products that last years with no change in the scent or viscosity. If you notice a rancid scent or a separation of the product, it’s probably best to toss it. We would never treat food like that so I think the same rule applies to our largest organ….our precious skin!

b3: How has your own skin transformed since you started using January Labs?

January: I know I created the line so I should say I use it, but it’s 100% true. My products just work better and more efficiently than any other product I’ve tried. I have found that my skin glows now, I don’t need to wear foundation and I never break out. My skin literally craves it. Most people who use January Labs experience this as well.

b3: What’s your favorite product?

January: I LOVE them all, of course. I think I am most excited about my eye cream right now. You see results is only a few days. It’s addictive. The actives are a tri-peptide compound that helps promote firmness and a pro Collagen amplifier with Stem Cell Extract. My formulations are extremely concentrated so you not only see the change, but your skin also feels firmer and more hydrated.

b3: Are you working on anything right now that you can share with us?

January: I’ve been working on a sunscreen for a while. It won’t be available until it’s perfect. It is really difficult to make a chemical-free sunblock that is active…but we are in the process.

b3: Are there any other healthy lifestyle habits you think are important to have glowing skin?

January: Absolutely. Diet and lifestyle are everything! Tons of water is key. Sometimes this is hard, because plain water is pretty boring. I make citrus water with lemons, oranges, grapefruit and cucumber. It will make you drink double the amount of water because it’s so delicious. I know it has been said over and over, but you are what you eat. I am a huge proponent of LOTS of fruits and veggies.

Of course, exercise is also a huge part of health. It gets your heart pumping, and the more your blood circulates, the more your skin glows. I LOVE barre3;  the classes are perfect for me and always leave me sore yet refreshed! I also like hiking and boxing.

b3: Who are your products right for? Can you use them if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin?

January: The beauty of my products is that they are really good for all skin types. Those who are prone to breakouts are usually very scared to try new products. I would recommend starting with my cleanser and tonic, then slowly integrating the others. The Glow & Go is not your typical mask, it’s a major game changer. I recommend it for all skin types and all ages because it’s a non-invasive way to get really active results.

b3: What’s your advice to people who are struggling with major skin issues?

January: Don’t get down on yourself. There is a solution and sometimes it may require a change in lifestyle. A lot of it is internal. Personally,when I struggled with acne things improved drastically when I started from within. I think a combination of good skincare, taking probiotics, eating clean and drinking a ton of water is the best way to go. Also, when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

b3: What’s your top beauty trick for glowing skin?

January: Definitely the Glow and Go Mask!  Also, for quick inexpensive trick cut a lemon in half and glide it on your face. It’s an amazing natural exfoliant and brightens skin naturally!

b3: How do you define beauty?

January: To me, beauty is happiness, confidence and contentment with who you are. You can really see it in someone’s eyes and smile. When you feel beautiful, you are beautiful—that’s why I really love this simple quote from Audrey Hepburn: “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

We love the way January thinks about beauty—now we want to hear your thoughts as well. Tell us how you define beauty in the comments below, and you’ll be automatically entered in our giveaway. Good luck!

Photo by Kelly Fajack Photography

Congratulations to our winner Kristin James! And to thank all of you for your thoughtful responses, we’re giving you 15% off January’s skincare line. Just enter “barre3love” at checkout. Enjoy!

Beyond the Barre: Take Care of YOU

Beyond the Barre: Take Care of YOU

For years, barre3 Portland client (and mom to Communications Manager Kait) Mary Hurley poured all her energy into her family and her career, rarely taking the time to focus on her own well-being. Then a series of events taught her that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish—in fact, it’s the greatest gift you can give your loved ones. Read on to learn about her incredible journey in her own words.


My daughter Kait played basketball in elementary and middle school, and she was always at home on the court. I used to marvel at how, even when she was in a new place with people she didn’t know, she could walk into any gym and feel like she belonged right away. I never had this. Growing up, I went to a private all-girls school where the only sports open to us were intramurals. My focus was purely on academics. I poured everything into my studies, and I worked hard to excel. School was my sport.

When my school days were over, I poured that same energy and passion into my family and my career. My 40s were a blur of working 60 hours a week, taking my four kids to dance lessons and sports practices, and making sure everyone around me was taken care of. I tried to work in exercise—I walked three miles a day with a group of neighbors, and I swam—but like so many people, my motivations were burning calories, losing weight, that kind of thing. It wasn’t a life focused on my own wellness as a real mission.

Then one morning when I was 50 I woke up and thought to myself, what am I doing? Somewhere along the line, I had lost myself. My weight wasn’t where I wanted it, and I didn’t feel healthy. And while it would be easy to claim selflessness—to say I’d been neglecting my needs in order to take care of everyone around me—that wasn’t the problem. My mistake was that I saw regular exercise as an all-or-nothing activity, a luxury I didn’t have time for, rather than something I could (and should) weave into my life.

I knew I needed to shift my priorities, so I made a commitment to exercise and paid attention to what I was eating. I lost 25 pounds and felt like I was on a good path. Then my son Brian, who was in his 20s at the time, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The news was utterly devastating and terrifying, and the year that followed was the hardest of my life. But thankfully Brian led a life focused on wellness, and because he was so healthy otherwise—in fact, he had won a marathon just before his diagnosis—the doctors were able to be aggressive with his treatment. He recovered beautifully.

That’s when the true value of good health really crystallized for me. Although I had been exercising for a few months at this point, I felt like I was doing it for myself. Watching Brian go through his treatment, I just remember thinking, what a wonderful gift he gave us with his own good health. I realized that I owed that gift to the people who love me. It was the first time I understood that my own well-being is a gift to others, not just to myself, and it was an absolute awakening for me.

Suddenly, my motivations shifted and I understood that exercise needed to be an integral part of my life, both for myself and for my family. But I also knew I needed something beyond doing sit-ups on the bedroom floor before bedtime, or running on the dreaded treadmill while reading a magazine to distract myself. I needed something that shared my newfound revelation that good health is a gift—and that’s where barre3 came in.

Barre3 is built on the idea that living well isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. That it’s OK to think about yourself and be good to yourself. That the healthier you are, the better you’ll be able to be present for the people in your life. If you’ve taken a class, you may have heard your instructor remind you to take care of YOU. And when they say this, they’re not just talking about your glutes and abs. Barre3 is about building a healthy body, yes, but also about building a healthy self. It’s about growing and learning and understanding yourself and your body. It’s about opening yourself up to the world.

Barre3 has transformed not just my body, but also my entire approach to life. It’s helped me become so much more open to new experiences. Every year, I go to a yoga retreat—something I never would have dreamed of before barre3. I’ve taken breathing and meditation classes. I’ve run races. I have the energy to do more reading, more thinking, and more activities, and it’s all because of barre3.

And best of all, I’ve opened myself up to an entire new community. I think back to Kait’s basketball days, when she was at home any time she walked into a gym. I finally have that with barre3 at 62. Every time I go to a studio—even if it’s in a new city where I don’t know a soul—I’m at home. I joke that barre3 is another entry in my baby book. Each of my four children helped me learn and grow, and barre3 is doing the same thing for me. It has taught me how to take care of ME, and that, I’ve come to learn, is the greatest gift of all.

Then and Now: barre3 Transformation Stories

You might recognize some of the faces below—each of these women started as a client and had such profound transformations that they decided to join the barre3 team. Today, we’re sharing their success stories, along with some then-and-now pictures that have to be seen to be believed.

These aren’t stories of “before” and “after”, because healthy living is a constant practice. As you’ll discover from these barre3 team members, their journeys are filled with new challenges and victories every step of the way. Read on to hear from them in their own words.


Kendal Prendergast

Kendal Prendergast

Instructor at barre3 Bellevue

Weight lost: 53 pounds

I had struggled with chronic back pain for years. Between the medication, immobility and poor food choices, I was in a pretty bad place. It was compounded by a lot of negative self-talk, which only made it worse.

Eventually I started doing barre3 online and coming into the studio. The community here was so friendly and supportive; it was like entering a judgment-free zone, which was just what I needed. The acceptance that I felt from my instructors and fellow clients allowed me to be less harsh with myself and focus on the positive instead of the negative.

The freedom I feel now is hard to put into words. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t hate myself after. It sounds so simple, but it took me 39 years and barre3 to figure it out!

Kelly Ferris

Kelly Ferris

Instructor at barre3 St. Louis

Weight lost: 30 pounds

I used to give into the shame spiral and get upset with myself for less-than-healthy choices. I was working so hard to lose weight, but dwelling on occasional setbacks was really hurting my opportunities for success. Finally, I decided to show myself the same kindness that I’d show someone else that was trying to lose weight.  Letting go of that shame spiral was such an “a-ha” moment for me. I now have a much healthier relationship with myself.

Now when I catch myself starting to beat myself up, I shift gears. Rather than listen to the negative chatter, I focus on listening to my body and giving it what it needs. I’ve found that I get much better results that way.

Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker

Instructor at barre3 North Scottsdale

Weight lost: 15 pounds

At first, my biggest challenge was finding the time to work out. So I started carving out time for myself to do barre3 online, like right after the kids went down. Five months later, the studio opened and I was able to take advantage of their child care services. Being able to take 60 minutes for myself every day helped me feel so much more balanced. And once I started seeing results, that really motivated me to keep going.

Now that I have the whole workout thing down, I’m focused on eating whole foods and following the barre3 Nutrition Philosophy. I used to eat a lot of unhealthy snacks with my kids—it was always goldfish crackers and pretzels. Now I cut up lots of fruits and vegetables and bring them along wherever we go. It makes a huge difference in my energy levels, and it’s better for my kiddos as well.

Beth Porter

Beth Porter

Front desk team member at barre3 Frisco

Weight lost: 35 pounds

Around two years ago, I started gaining weight for no explicable reason. My joints ached, my hair was falling out, and I wasn’t feeling good. Turns out, my food choices were causing inflammation in my body. Tammy Hischke, the studio owner here, encouraged me to take a more holistic approach and eat the barre3 way (lots of whole foods and fiber, protein, and healthy fats in every meal and snack). I started feeling better immediately and was able to really focus on my workouts.

I’ll be turning 40 next year, and my goal is to be as physically and emotionally fit as I can. I know I’ll get there—barre3 gave me the strength to dig deep and find my health again. In fact, I’ll be more fit at 40 than I ever was at 30!

Katie Kimbrell

Katie Kimbrell

Instructor at barre3 Portland

Weight lost: 30 pounds

I had studied dance all my life and planned on becoming a professional dancer. Then I started having issues with my knees and had to stop. It really threw me off track—I didn’t know how to exercise and started gaining weight as a result. My physical therapist recommended barre3, and from the first class I was hooked. The community here made me feel so good about myself; I never once felt judged about being a little overweight.

Once I joined barre3 Online, that really opened up all the doors to the whole barre3 lifestyle. I started making the recipes and being more mindful of my eating—that’s when I really started seeing the changes. Now I’m super strong, and the strength I’ve built has resolved a lot of my knee pain. I can truly say that barre3 totally changed my life.

Jessica Micek

Jessica Micek

Instructor at barre3 Morristown

Weight lost: 60 pounds

I’ve always had a lot of confidence, but I was scared that I would fail at getting fit. This was the one area of my life that was challenging for me. Then I found barre3—the owners and instructors were so excited to see me and were so enthusiastic about my progress. I thought, Wow, if these people think I can do it, maybe I actually can. The community here was a huge motivating factor.

Now, I no longer focus on what I can lose, and instead focus on all the things I can gain. One of those things is the joy of being an instructor. My life was changed by barre3 instructors—now I get to pay it forward every single day.

Lindsay Kulick

Lindsay Kulick

Front desk team member at barre3 Laguna Niguel

Weight lost: 80 pounds

Exercise was never a problem for me, but I had trouble sticking to a healthy diet, especially when I was out with friends. So I started making more barre3 recipes, which allowed me crowd out unhealthier options. Then I started inviting my friends to join me in eating the barre3 way, which made social gatherings so much easier. The other night I brought barre3 donut holes to my friend’s house instead of brownies, and they were a huge hit! Now we support each other in healthy eating, which has done wonders for my will power.

In addition to working the front desk at barre3 Laguna Niguel, I do orphan care in Haiti about four times a year, and the best thing about my transformation is all the newfound energy I have. I can hold babies all day, jump rope with the kids, and move with more ease and grace. My body is capable of so much more now.

While their stories are different, all of these women agreed on one point—healthy living isn’t a finish line to be crossed, it’s a daily practice that requires focus and commitment. We’re so proud of their transformations and hope you’re as inspired by our staffers as we are.

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