Modifications for Shoulder Pain

Modifications for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a sophisticated structure, with the largest range of motion anywhere in the body. (It’s capable of achieving over 16,000 positions!) Such a complicated joint can be prone to problems, however, and many of them lead to pain.

The most common cause of shoulder pain is overuse caused by repetitive movements. Stress in the neck and upper back can also be the culprit, along with muscle imbalance between the front and back body. Whatever the cause, rest is rarely enough to fix the problem. The trick is to exercise in a way that allows you to strengthen the muscles around your shoulder without irritating the joint. At barre3, our workouts can easily be adjusted to accommodate even the crankiest shoulders. Here are a few of our favorite go-to modifications:

1. Go low.

Staying within a comfortable range of movement is key. Only lift your arms to the height that feels good to your body and try working in a lower plane. For instance, if your instructor demonstrates a move with arms straight out to the sides, modify so that your arms are dropped slightly in a low “V.”

2. Lighten up.

If your shoulder pain is caused by muscular imbalance, you’ll want to switch to lower weights (or ditch them all together) in order to activate and strengthen your weaker muscles. By using light weights consistently and practicing proper alignment, you’ll bring your body back into balance and alleviate pain.

3. Stay balanced.

If just one shoulder hurts, should you modify your workout for both shoulders? The answer is yes. Otherwise you’ll create muscle imbalances in the body, and that can lead to more problems down the road. Whatever you’re doing on one side of the body, be sure to mirror it on the other.

4. Take a load off.   

If your shoulders are recuperating, painful, or relearning how to function properly, having them support you in postures like plank for long periods of time can cause them to fatigue quickly. Take breaks frequently and change positions often to give your shoulders some relief. That might mean doing plank at the barre, or shifting your weight to your elbows when you’re on all fours.

Be sure to let your instructor know that you have shoulder issues before class so they can offer suggestions for an effective, pain-free workout. If you’re working out with us online, you’ll find that every workout features plenty of modifications so you can choose the intensity level that’s just right for you. And you can always reach out to us at with your questions or ask us now in the comments below!

If you’re experiencing an issue with your shoulders, please consult your doctor before doing any form of exercise.


Beyond the Barre: You are your own best teacher

Beyond the Barre: You are your own best teacher

A single moment in a barre3 class led to a huge shift in thinking for barre3 Felida owner Amy Grabenkort. Read on to find out how barre3 taught this former elementary-school principal that she is her own best teacher in this month’s Beyond the Barre feature.


I glanced at the woman on the mat next to me. Her eyes were closed, and she was exhaling. Her leg lifted gracefully into the air. My hand went to my core. Was I doing this right?

It was the first week of my barre3 practice. I hadn’t exercised in front of other people for about a year, and I was nervous that everyone would see that I was doing it wrong. I was tempted to go check on my two little ones in childcare—not because I doubted that they were OK, but because I wanted an out. But before I could make my escape, I caught a glimpse of the instructor coming my way. I felt my face turn hot.

I was sure she was going to point out all the mistakes I was making. Instead, she gave me a thumbs up and gently reminded me to soften my nervous shoulders a little. My eyes actually teared up. I closed them, took a deep breath, and exhaled. Did I just feel my abs engage? I wasn’t going to achieve perfect form that day, but for the first time in a long time, I was sure I was headed in the right direction.

Engaging your abdominal muscles may not sound like a milestone moment, but for me, it was the beginning of a major shift: I was letting go of self-doubt. It was the first step to trusting myself and realizing that I know more than I think I do. It’s ironic, in a way: I spent years in the education field, but it took barre3 to help me understand that I am my own best teacher.

As soon as I embraced this truth, I started to notice that I was surrounded by women at barre3 who embraced it, too. In class, I looked up to those who modified postures with confidence and grace, those who opted to stand at the ballet barre for seat work instead of taking an All Fours position on the mat, those who choose to work without weights, those who went really low in Power Leg, or those who choose to take another posture entirely. These women trusted themselves to know what was right for them, and they were better for it.

I also noticed that once you’ve embraced the idea of being your own best teacher in class, you can extend it beyond the studio, too. Take my friend Billie, for example. She had never run in her life, tried it one day, and after a month started a local running club and signed up for her first marathon.

I was beyond inspired by these women and their ability to trust their gut. Before my big revelation, I had always inched toward my goals, but now I wanted to take them on in a large range of motion, trusting myself to know what I need to do.

I started listening to my inner voice and began to make some life changes that had a big impact. I made eating whole foods a priority. I set aside more time to take care of myself by planning my barre3 workouts in advance, by calling my sister more often, and by choosing to go on a hike with my family instead of going out for dinner when we wanted to spend time together. Within a just couple of months of trusting myself, I had a stronger body and a healthier lifestyle.

When I inhaled and told my husband about my dream of opening a barre3 studio, I again felt my hand going to my core. This time, though, I wasn’t wondering, “am I doing this right?” With my newfound faith in myself, I knew I was.

I jumped right in. My husband and I immediately clicked with the team at the Portland headquarters and knew in our hearts this was the right decision for our family. Now, as we approach our opening day, I can’t quite put my excitement into words. What I can tell you is that I’m so grateful that I listened to my inner voice, and I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to help others see what I began to understand during that fateful barre3 class: We are all our own best teachers.

Is your gut telling you to open a barre3 studio? Find out how you can become a part of our  team here.


Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup

Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup

This spring, we’ll be filling our bowls with this light-yet-filling Thai soup. It’s loaded with beneficial ingredients like coconut milk, a natural antimicrobial that boosts metabolism while stabilizing blood sugar. The lemongrass has calming properties to relieve stress, and lime juice is a powerful detoxifying agent. It’s even a beauty booster: coconut oil will help keep your hair and skin looking radiant. We love its fresh, exotic flavor and think you will too!

Here’s how to make it:

1 Tbsp. coconut oil

4 small scallions, minced

2 1/2 Tbsp. freshly grated ginger

2 lemongrass stalks, peeled and chopped into 2-inch chunks

2-3 tsp. red curry paste (start with two and add more for extra spice)

4 cups vegetable stock

3 Tbsp. fish sauce (or low-sodium, gluten free tamari)

1 Tbsp. coconut sugar (or pure maple syrup)

1 (14.5-oz) can full-fat coconut milk

3/4 pound shiitake mushrooms, thinly sliced

1 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined*

2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice

4 radishes, thinly sliced

1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and thinly sliced

1/2 cup cilantro, chopped

salt and pepper to taste

To make this a vegan soup, swap out shrimp for organic tofu.


1. Heat the coconut oil in a large soup pot over medium-high heat. Add the scallions, ginger, lemongrass, and red curry paste. Lightly sauté, stirring often. Slowly pour in the vegetable stock, stirring often. Add the fish sauce and coconut sugar. Simmer for about 15 minutes.

2. Stir in the coconut milk and mushrooms. Simmer until the mushrooms are soft, about 5 minutes. Add the shrimp and cook until the shrimp is no longer translucent, about 5 to 7 minutes. Stir in the lime juice and turn the heat to low. Ladle out the lemongrass.

Divide soup among bowls and top each bowl with radishes, jalapeño, and cilantro. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

barre3 Book Club: Oh She Glows Cookbook

barre3 Book Club: Oh She Glows Cookbook

We’ve never chosen a cookbook as our book club pick, but Oh She Glows blogger Angela Liddon’s cookbook is so awesome, we just had to feature it. Read on for a fun interview with one of our favorite food heroes.


  1. 1. What’s your philosophy about food and nutrition?

I thrive on a diet made up of whole, plant-based foods that are minimally processed and organically grown whenever possible. I still make room for dessert and believe a balanced diet can include indulgences in moderation. For many years I identified with the vegan label, but I found the external pressure to be perfect was overwhelming. I no longer use a label to define my diet or lifestyle, and always encourage my readers to do what works best for them. Whether that means ascribing to a certain label or having no label at all, do what makes you feel happy and healthy!

  1. 2. What inspired you to start Oh She Glows?

In 2008, I had just gotten married and graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Psychology. At the time, I was also working full time as a researcher and was unfulfilled with my career. I knew deep down that I had made the wrong decision career-wise, but I thought it was too late to change after spending seven years in university. So I started my blog as a fun hobby. I didn’t think blogging was something I would stick with for more than a couple weeks, but I absolutely fell in love with it! Initially, I wrote about my journey to health and recovery from an eating disorder. I connected with so many women and men all over the world, many of whom wrote to say they were going through the same struggles and that my story had helped them get through a tough time. This motivated me to keep going and as my blog took off, I knew that I had tapped into a hidden passion.

  1. 3. Writing a cookbook is such a huge project! What did you learn about yourself during the process?

That I can keep a big secret! The first book took almost three years to complete, so to sit on all of those recipes and not be able to share them with my readers was really, really hard.

  1. 4. What is your favorite recipe in the Oh She Glows Cookbook?

I have a sweet tooth, so I’d have to say my Chilled Chocolate Espresso Torte with a Toasted Hazelnut Crust and Coconut Whipped Cream. It’s completely vegan and gluten-free and everyone goes crazy over it when they try it. The best part is, if you don’t have time to make the crust you can turn the filling into a decadent freezer fudge. For a savory recipe, I’d have to say my Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas with Avocado-Cilantro Cream Sauce. It’s healthy comfort food to the max.

  1. 5. You speak of your experience with eating disorders in your intro. Do you have any advice for women who are struggling with body image or eating disorders?

I struggled with an eating disorder for over 10 years of my life. For so long, I was miserable, unhealthy, and unable to appreciate all the great things in my life because I was so consumed with the disordered way of thinking. I look back on those years and I wish I could get them back because I missed out on so much. In my early- to mid-twenties, I sought counseling and started to make simple changes in my life. I stopped counting calories, weighing myself obsessively, and instead focused on how I felt each day. The eating disorder was so ingrained in me it took a long time to get my mind back to a healthy place, but I eventually made a lot of progress. Like many women, I still struggle with negative thoughts about myself and my body, but now I’m able to refocus my energy and treat myself with compassion, exercise because I love how it makes me feel (rather than punishment), and surround myself with other women who are healthy body image role models. That last part is key.

  1. 6. We love how you celebrate food. What would you say to someone who thinks that eating a healthy diet means you have to deprive yourself?

I totally used to think that a healthy diet meant deprivation. I suffered through so many cardboard-tasting diet foods back in the day. If a box said fat-free or 100-calorie, it was in my grocery cart. Little did I know that I could fuel my body with plant-based foods and not only have way more energy, but I could still maintain my weight without suffering. This was a revelation for me. I think it’s very common for people to fear the unknown. I always encourage people to just try a few of my recipes—often they’ll write and say they had no idea vegan food could taste so good!

  1. 7. Congratulations on being a new mom! How are you coping with the demands of new motherhood? Any advice you’d like to share with the new moms out there?

Running a business and being a new mom has reinforced something I’ve known for a while—it’s impossible for every aspect of my life to feel balanced at the same time. It reminds me of the saying, “you can have it all, but just not all at once.” This quote has helped me when I’m feeling pulled in many different directions and feeling guilty about not getting everything done. I think there is so much pressure for new parents, especially mothers, to strive for balance. The message seems to be if you try hard enough you can sleep 8 hours a night, have a clean house, get your pre-baby body back, go on date nights with your husband, have a perfect sex life, spend oodles of time with your kids, and have a career. Well, yes all of that is certainly possible, but from my own experience these things will never happen all at once. I’ve made peace with the unbalance in my life right now. Yes, I’m sleep deprived, my laundry is piled up, and my pre-baby jeans are still a bit tight, but there is so much in my life to be grateful for. I have so much love in my life. My daughter is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of balance in the world.

  1. 8. At barre3, we’re all about balance. What does balance mean to you? Any tricks to practicing balance in your busy life?

Practicing balance is a good way to put it because it implies that it’s ever-evolving. No matter what is going on in my life, I feel my best when I exercise every day, even if it’s only a short stroller walk outdoors. Lately, I work out after my baby goes down to bed at night, and I look forward to using that time to release stress. However, working out at the end of the day can be super challenging so I often tell myself: just work out for 10 minutes. Once I get going I feel more and more energized, so I usually end up completing my entire workout.

  1. 9. What’s your favorite way to exercise? How has your exercise regimen (or your approach to exercise) changed since you had your baby?

I’m all about maximizing my workout time these days. I do a combination of cardio and strength exercises. The strength work I do tends to be continuous and without breaks so it’s intense, but it’s over quickly. I’m also looking forward to trying out some barre3 workouts geared towards new moms and of course, getting outside as much as possible this spring and summer.

  1. 10. What’s your favorite power song when you need a little extra motivation during your workout?

Sean Kingston’s “Take You There”, Britney’s “Work Bitch”, and Vance Joy’s “Riptide” are current workout favorites.

To date, Angela has shared over 600 recipes and is currently working hard on her second cookbook, due out next year. Have you prepared any of Angela’s recipes? Let us know how you like them in the comments below!

De-Clutter Your Home

De-Clutter Your Home

Take a look around your house: are you surrounded by clothes that don’t fit, stuff you don’t use, or projects you haven’t completed? Then it’s time for some serious de-cluttering.

Professional organizer Geralin Thomas says, “Your house should be a respite from the world. A place where you want to enjoy your life, your friends, your spiritual practice, whatever you’re into. But if you’re not into the stuff that’s in your house, then it’s got to go.”

It turns out, clutter is also bad for your health: research shows that we secrete the stress hormone cortisol when we’re surrounded by disarray. And when there’s clutter in your home, there’s probably mental or emotional clutter in your mind as well. In other words, clean up the clutter and you’ll also increase your calm. We’ve got seven tips to help you get started. 

  1. Do an initial sweep first.

Grab a box and a large garbage bag and do a quick-walk through of your whole house. Scan each room, quickly grabbing anything that you know is either garbage or no longer needed. Place items in either the donation box or the garbage bag. Keep going until you’ve made your way through the entire house.

  1. Next, focus on a single area.

Don’t delve into more than one area at a time or you’ll get overwhelmed. Instead, tackle one manageable area armed with a box for charity, a laundry basket for things to be returned to their proper place, and a garbage bag for the trash. Then get to it and don’t leave your area until the job is done.

  1. Ask yourself:

Do we use it, wear it, or play with it?

If it’s clothing, does it still fit?

Is it in good working condition?

Could someone else use it more?

And most importantly: Does it spark joy?

This question comes from Marie Kondo, who wrote the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. As she points out, rather than agonizing over what you should discard, focus on the things you truly cherish and make it about what you get to keep, not what you have to lose.

  1. Don’t forget your digital world.

Ditch the files, photos and programs on your computer that you don’t need and minimize all the icons on your desktop.  Not only do they slow down your computer, they also create visual clutter.

  1. Get it OUT of your house.

Once you’ve determined something needs to go, get rid of it as quickly as possible. Don’t let those boxes of discards hang around in the garage or you’ll be tempted to reconsider some of your choices. Say a hasty goodbye to your stuff and take it to the donation center asap. As soon as it’s out of sight, it will be out of mind.

  1. Make it fun.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. For example, we love to listen to podcasts while we’re sorting—it makes the time fly. Two podcasts we’re loving at the moment are The Moth and Dear Sugar featuring Cheryl Strayed. We also like to give ourselves little time challenges—like turbo-cleaning for an hour, then rewarding ourselves with an energizing 10-minute workout.

  1. Make it a habit.

Make it a goal to de-clutter for a little while every week or month. By practicing regular purging, you’ll keep your stuff streamlined and your space far more inviting all year long.

Although de-cluttering can seem overwhelming at first, remember that it’s a chance to open up physical and mental space in your life. And by getting rid of old stuff, you’ll have all kinds of room for new possibilities.

Do you have some great de-cluttering tips? Please share in the comments below!

Studio Owners’ Success Stories

Many of our studio owners have undergone mind-blowing transformations. Read on for their stories and astounding before-and-after pictures, and prepare to be inspired!


Studio Owners’ Success Stories

I first connected with barre3 when my best friend from college got me to try 28 to Great online. The workout felt amazing in my body, and I was seeing dramatic results after just two weeks. I can’t believe how my body has changed since then. I’ve dropped four pant sizes and lost 30 pounds. I feel the strongest I ever have. - Megan Wilson, barre3 Willow Glen and Los Altos owner


Studio Owners’ Success Stories

I used to think I had to suffer to get the body I wanted. Before my wedding, I was doing a crazy diet and exercise program for four months in order to fit into my dress—and I only stayed that size for about eight hours, until we cut the cake! Now I’m back to my wedding weight and down 25 pounds and four pant sizes. I never dreamed I’d have a body like this after children, especially without suffering through more crash diets, but barre3 has made it possible. Even more important than my size, though, is how I feel: stronger, more confident, and happy. - Gillian Brotherson, Los Altos owner


Studio Owners’ Success Stories

Before my business partner, Jessica, introduced me to barre3, I was a gym rat, hopping from one thing to the next. I did kickboxing, yoga, weight-lifting, running, soccer…you name it. Once I started barre3, my body transformed pretty quickly. It gave me a waistline I never had, toned my arms, and helped me stand taller with more confidence. I only lost three or four pounds, but the number on the scale doesn’t tell the full story. My body has changed dramatically. I’ve lost two jean sizes and several inches all over. I love barre3 because of what it’s done for my body, but I love it even more because it’s so much fun. It never gets stale, and I know it’s something I’ll continue to do forever. No more exercise hopping for me! - Nicki Insley, barre3 Laguna Niguel owner


Studio Owners’ Success Stories

I am completely amazed by how much my body changed after incorporating barre3 into my exercise routine. It helped me shed extra weight that I was holding on to after I had my daughter, Hannah. I’m now 10 pounds lighter than I was before I had her, and I’m smaller than I was in high school! I have always been committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, however barre3 has helped me find my best version of myself. I feel stronger, longer (I’ve grown an inch), and leaner. I’m amazed by how much energy I have and by what my body has accomplished. - Jessica Leonard, barre3 Laguna Niguel owner


Studio Owners’ Success Stories

After the loss of my first baby, grief settled in and gripped my body. I was in a slump, and my posture was a reflection of what I was going through. I lacked self confidence, strength, and a mindful connection with exercise. I tried running, other forms of group-fitness classes, and strength training, but nothing seemed to keep me engaged and wanting more. Barre3 changed everything for me! Our instructor Katie says, “movement in the body heals,” and barre3 healed my body. It not only helped me lose over 15 inches, but it gave me strength, balance, and physical grace! I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin than ever. That, to me, is a lasting gift to my two little girls, as well. – Brenda Oakes, barre3 Tulsa owner


Studio Owners’ Success Stories

I began competitive sports at such a young age that I thought my six-pack was natural, and when it disappeared, I thought that was natural, too—just a part of getting older and busier. When I started barre3, it was totally amazing to love my workout and to watch muscles reappear in my body! While the number on the scale has changed by only about 10 pounds, I dropped six jeans sizes in the first five months of my practice. I feel alive in myself again, powerful, confident, and hopeful about growing older. - Megan Hurley, barre3 Fayetteville owner


We’re so proud of our studio owners for embracing whole-body health and for their commitment to help their communities experience the same incredible results they have. They walk the talk and inspire us all to take better care of ourselves. For that, we are grateful.

Do you have an incredible transformation story? Tell us in the comments below!

Why Exercise Isn’t the Answer

Why Exercise Isn't the Answer

Yep, I said it. And I know what you’re asking: “Why is the founder of barre3 saying that exercise doesn’t work?” Well, let me explain. When it comes to whole-body health, exercise is part of the equation, but it’s not the end-all-be-all.

One of the most widely accepted assumptions in our culture is that if you exercise, you’ll lose weight. So we dutifully work out, pushing ourselves to exhaustion for that single hour a day. Yet the pounds stay put, and exercise becomes a dreaded chore.

Sound familiar? Before I created barre3, that was my experience too. During my workout, I used to be driven by how many calories I was burning and pushed myself hard even when my body told me to back off. I was too focused on what my workout was doing that moment vs. how it was impacting my body the rest of the day. I was also 10 pounds heavier, felt constantly depleted, and plagued by aches and pains.

If you’re working out regularly yet are frustrated by extra pounds and nagging pains, you may need to examine how you balance your energy when it comes to exercise.  Here’s the deal: When you beat yourself up during a workout, your body goes into stress mode, releasing the hormone cortisol. As a result, your body will make up for that energy loss by signaling your brain to eat more than it needs. (Hence the stubborn pounds.)

So if exercise alone doesn’t work, what does? Striking a healthy balance of ease and effort. You’ll hear us talk about this over and over again in our barre3 studios. Whether you’re in class or doing an online workout, our instructors will help you find both a feeling of grace and challenge during your workouts. When I learned to slow down and listen to what my body really needed, that’s when the pounds fell off and my energy levels skyrocketed.

Barre3 workouts are designed to actually restore your energy and fill your tank for the rest of the day. We call this the “halo effect,” and it refers to all the benefits you experience long after your workout is over. Not only does your metabolism stay revved up to help you burn more calories, studies show that exercise can reduce many of your unhealthy cravings. You’ll also feel more clear-headed, less grumpy, and better equipped to handle the stress that life throws your way. That’s the halo effect in action!

I want exercise to feel so good in your body that you actually crave it versus dreading it. It may seem like a paradigm shift, but once this shift happens, I’m betting you’ll see the biggest transformation ever—one that lasts a lifetime.

Beyond the Barre: Work Smarter, Not Harder


Peter Marks is our Director of Technology (and Communications Manager Kait Hurley’s husband!). Read on to see how barre3 has helped him work smarter. Here’s Peter in his own words:


Whenever the instructor calls out that Ball Hold is up next, I know exactly where I need to go. I put the ball between my ankles, place my feet flat on the floor, and lift my hips barely off the ground. Meanwhile the women around me start to press their feet onto the core ball and lift their hips from a more unstable position. I’m the only guy in class, and it looks like I’m taking the easy way out. Super embarrassing, right? Not really, actually. This is the option that’s best for me. If my feet are on top of the ball, I feel pain in my knees. My hamstrings and glutes are still burning in my modified pose. I’m working smarter, not harder.

Years ago, I wouldn’t have been as confident modifying a workout as I am now. Like so many people, I subscribed to the “no pain no gain” philosophy, believing that in order to get results, you have to push past the pain. I’ve always been a hopelessly skinny guy who struggles to put on weight, so barre3’s promise of long, lean muscles didn’t exactly resonate with me—I already had plenty of those from my years as a competitive distance runner. My main goals were to build strength and improve my athleticism for skiing and basketball, so I assumed weight training was the best fit for me. I spent the warm-weather months running and the cold months in the weight room.

While I was able to put on some muscle and gain strength, my body paid the price. Weight training between intensive basketball and skiing sessions left my body in a constant state of strain. There was always some minor but nagging injury bothering me, especially in my upper back. Then last year I got an injury bad enough to sideline me for a few months and decided to try a different approach this winter. I didn’t quit skiing or playing basketball with my buddies, as I find way too much joy in those activities to stop. However, I tried dropping the weight training in favor of barre3.

I kicked off my new regimen with the barre3 Challenge in January. Each week, I completed four 60-minute workouts either in studio or online and one 10-minute online workout, plus I made a few of the barre3 recipes. The results changed the way I approach fitness.

I had been doing barre3 on and off for years, but committing to a regular practice brought unexpected benefits. First of all, it has hugely improved my basketball and skiing. After three weeks of regular barre3 classes, I hadn’t hooped in over a month and expected to be slow and rusty upon my return. However, I was plenty fast and was able to maintain control for hours. Same story on the slopes. Secondly, I don’t feel as strained afterwards, and my nagging upper-back pain has disappeared entirely. I credit this mostly to barre3’s emphasis on flexibility, something I never made time for in my muscle-building weight routines.

I’ve continued with my regular practice because it’s efficient. I’m extremely focused on efficiency in all aspects of my professional and musical pursuits; I need a workout that’s super efficient, too. Barre3’s restorative approach lets me play as hard as I want on the mountain and basketball court without being a time drain. The fact that it’s fun enough to clear my mind of the zillion things on my to-do list is an added bonus.

And that’s what I love about barre3. It’s smart. Every time, I get a full-body workout that builds functional strength and reinforces healthy muscle patterns in the body—both of which are so good for injury prevention. Between strategy meetings and work sessions, I jump into class at the studio nearby or fire up a quick 10-minute online workout almost daily. I don’t associate heavy lifting with progress or excruciating high-intensity workouts with getting fit. Instead, I’m working smarter. And I’m a whole lot happier and healthier as a result.

Has barre3 helped you work smarter instead of harder? Let us know in the comments below!

New barre3 Studio Openings

Did you know that barre3 has over 90 studios open or in the works? Read on for our latest openings, and get to know the owners. Maybe your community will be next!Blog_HeartBreaker

Barre3 has redefined how I look at work. It’s not a 9-to-5 job—it’s my passion. I get to show my three little girls how to be leaders while I also help my community live happier and more balanced lives. It’s an honor to open my second studio in my beloved hometown. – Holly Coltea, barre3 Paddock Place – Nashville


I started with barre3 Online, and even though I was following along with someone on a screen, I related to the instructors. When I took my first class in studio, I knew there was something really special and unique about this brand. Now that my studio is open, I’m thrilled to be able to deliver that same warmth and support to my instructor team and every single person who walks through our doors. – Liz Ferrante, barre3 Cleveland – Legacy Village


I’ve been dreaming of opening a studio in the Beaverton area for years, and it took us a while to find the perfect location. I am so happy we waited. The studio is gorgeous with floor to ceiling windows and a giant garage door that we open on warm days. Add in our welcoming and fun community, and it is pure magic teaching there!   - Sadie Lincoln, barre3 Portland – Cedar Mill


I’m beyond thrilled to be able to offer a space where everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or if you haven’t exercised in years—you’ll feel at home here. That’s the beauty of barre3. Not only is it welcoming to everyone, but it also benefits everyone, no matter your fitness level. – Beth Woods, barre3 Lakewood Ranch


My sister and I are so excited to now have a studio in our hometown of Los Altos. Barre3 has taught us that exercise doesn’t have to hurt in order to work. A workout that feels good is so much more sustainable. And if it’s sustainable, you’ll do it more, and you’ll get even better results. We love helping our clients understand this and find a sense of ease within their effort. – Megan Wilson, barre3 Los Altos


Barre3 has helped me feel stronger and more confident about my body than I ever have—even as a lifelong athlete. But even more important than how I look is how I feel. I’m better able to manage stress, I’m happier, and I have more energy. I can’t wait to share barre3 with the Felida community so that they can experience all of the same amazing results I have from a regular practice. – Amy Grabenkort, barre3 Felida


Wishing a barre3 studio would open near you? Maybe you’re our next franchise owner! Fill out the form here to get started.